October 2020: Walking in Nepal with Nigel and Toby Warren

Celebrating our ten year anniversary, Founder and Director of Exceptional Travel, Toby Warren and his father, Nigel are joining forces for this special , one-off walking adventure into the heart of the Annapurna Mountains. Limited to eight guests.

The father and son team are deeply passionate about the country. Nigel is a fluent Nepali speaker and his knowledge of the country will help bring you closer to the many Nepali hill folk you will meet along the way.

This Exceptional Journey begins in Kathmandu for a blast of rich and raw Nepalese culture. Travelling alongside Nigel Warren and our local expert guide, our guests have the chance to escape the well-trodden path and discover some of the hidden secrets this charming city has tucked away. Each day will be flexible and planned according to the wishes of our guests.

A relatively gentle trek then takes our guests into the foothills of the Annapurna Mountains. The scenery is utterly spectacular and even the smallest change in altitude can bring with it a startling contrast of landscape as you move from tropical lowlands to soft alpine meadows and up to rugged glacial moraines. This journey is as much about people as it is about spectacular views and Nigel will be only too happy to translate captivating stories of the realities of mountain life as we meet local villagers and retired Gurkha soldiers along the way.

Finally we have included two nights and a full day of complete rest and recuperation at Dwarika’s Resort, one of the finest retreats in Asia. Here our guests can ease tired limbs and process the wonder and accomplishment of the journey amongst serene and peaceful surroundings.

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