Caiman Ecological Refuge, Brazil


Caiman Triple

Arguably one of the most progressive ecolodges in the world, Caiman Ecological Refuge is part of a renowned private research, conservation and ecotourism initiative with the aim of conserving the fauna, flora and culture of the Pantanal.

Livestock is part of the Pantanals habitants’ way of life, sustaining the local economy for generations and Caiman Ecological Refuge is a pioneering eco lodge in the area. Promoting and implementing the benefits of ecotourism in the region. Built over 30 years ago,  deep within the Pantanal, on a 130,000 acre cattle ranch. By 2004, 10% of the ranch acreage had been set aside as a Private Reserve of Natural Patrimony – an independently protected area tasked with preserving the nature within it, where grazing was not allowed but tourism was. This protected area, chosen with the aid of research scientists from the University of Sao Paulo, was incredibly diverse, offering the perfect habitat for many of the Pantanal’s wildlife species.  Today, the result is the very best and most exclusive wildlife-viewing experience in all the Pantanal.

Caiman Sustinability Cycle

This responsible ecotourism initiative contributes in many positive ways:

– Creates new opportunities for work and education

– Raises the quality of life of the Pantanal habitants

– Unites sustainable practices with social progress

– Strengthens the relationship between livestock and Ecotourism

TOURISM IMPACT: By simply staying Caiman Ecological Refuge, you are directly supporting the protection of this fragile, yet incredibly rich biome for years to come whilst also providing sustainable development opportunities for the community.

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