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The Polar Regions


You can be pretty certain that no one on earth has visited The Arctic or Antarctica and felt underwhelmed by the landscape. However high your expectations, it is a safe bet that these white lands will, at the very least meet them and, more likely, exceed them beyond your wildest dreams.

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The historic heart of adventurous exploration, Africa has been the focus of many a celebrated tale, conjuring up delicious images of the wild unknown.

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Arabia, with its romantic, rolling sand dunes, exotic spice markets and traditional Bedouins, is a melting pot for the senses, full of diverse culture and opportunity to explore.

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Encompassing Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, the region of Australasia is as well known for its iconic landmarks as its undiscovered tribes and untouched habitats.

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Central America


Eight countries make up Central America, each with their own exciting blend of cultural idiosyncrasies that give them a unique identity. The sultry streets of Havana and Cuba’s turbulent history is worlds away from the passive reserves of Costa Rica (the only country in the world that has no need to employ an army).

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India & Beyond


The Indian sub-continent with its kaleidoscope of faiths and peoples is an intricate tapestry of contrasts that make it consistently colourful and full of character.

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Indian Ocean


If you like islands, there are plenty to choose from in the Indian Ocean, ranging from those comprising over a thousand tiny palm-fringed coral atolls to the substantial and isolated.


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South America


From the Caribbean waters that lap calmly onto Colombia’s golden coastline to the weather-beaten, ice-capped fjords of Patagonia, South America packs an almost unbeatable variety of landscapes into one mass of land.

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South East Asia


From ancient temple towns and glittering modern cities to palm fringed beaches and enchanting tea plantations, South East Asia spills over with intrigue, solace, spirituality and adventure.

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