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Central America

Eight countries make up Central America, each with their own exciting blend of cultural idiosyncrasies that give them a unique identity. The sultry streets of Havana and Cuba’s turbulent history is worlds away from the passive reserves of Costa Rica (the only country in the world that has no need to employ an army).

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A stone’s throw from North America, Mexico remains resolutely Latin; its ancient Aztec history, Colonial and Caribbean influences combined over centuries to make Mexico undeniably Mexican.

Many Central American nations harbour some of the best beaches in the world. To the east, peaceful Caribbean waters flop lazily onto sand as white as the stars and west, giant Pacific rollers are begging to be discovered by a surfboard. Inland, a tapestry of hidden treasures await. Ancient temples in Guatemala, Belize and Mexico pierce through tropical jungles, rooted in the land like palimpsests of timeworn mythological beliefs. Volcanoes tower over beautiful Colonial cities and some of the most pristine rainforests on earth are found here – homing over a million species of plant and animal life, many that can only be found in these lands.

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Those seeking to immerse themselves in art, music and a way of life that has refused to conform to Western...

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Costa Rica

There are few countries that can rival Costa Rica’s incredible efforts to preserve and protect its environment. It has always...

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In spite of, or perhaps because of its proximity to North America, Mexico remains resolutely Latin American. The country has...

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