With each trip we curate, “How You Travel” and the impact it has, matters.  Whether you are escaping to the pristine sands of the Indian Ocean, exploring the ancient palaces of Rajasthan or departing on a once in a lifetime trip to some of the worlds most remote and wildlife rich areas, we ensure you travel with sensitivity and, where possible, positively contribute to the sustainability of the area(s) you are travelling to.



By working with like-minded, leading philanthropic partners around the world, we can confidently assure our clients that their trip is making a difference. You can therefore travel knowing your tourism dollar is playing an active part in providing an essential level of funding towards long-term protection and restoration of the area(s) you are visiting.



When we talk of tourism having a positive impact on communities, wildlife and ecosystems, it is important to consider the impact if tourism was not in these areas. By doing so, it makes it easier to understand if the tourism offering you are looking at is responsible, where opportunities have been created to benefit the area and not just about high thread counts and fine wine. This is why we enjoy taking our time to ensure we only work with the most responsible partners around the world, and that they share our values:

Support local communities: We partner with companies who support initiatives that drive economic prosperity in the local community through education, healthcare and employment opportunities.
Wildlife Conservation: Collaborating with local specialists who commit themselves to the conservation of their resident wildlife. Many wildlife conservation companies feed into national, continent and global projects.
Habitat protection and restoration. The need to sensitively manage the impact(s) of human encroachment, over grazing and development is increasing. Our partners have this front of mind and, where possible and relevant, restore the land to it’s natural state whilst being sensitive to the local communities.


No one will protect what they do not care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced.” – Sir David Attenborough

Partnering with Tusk

CONSERVATION THROUGH EXPLORATION . As longstanding friends to the charity, Exceptional Travel has supported Tusk for over a decade on the hugely successful Lewa Safari Marathon, held annually in Kenya, as well as ad hoc projects ranging from journalist support...

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Where Communities & Gorilla Research Meet…

Congo Conservation Company, Republic of the Congo   In Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville), close to the geographical “Heart of Africa“, lies a near-mythical place of astounding biodiversity. The Congo Basin is a place where, even today, very few people...

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Protecting the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

LIZARD ISLAND - AUSTRALIA Lizard Island is a unique destination in itself, but we love this resort because conservation and education underpins all they do. The most northerly island resort of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, 240km north of Cairns and...

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Caiman Ecological Refuge, Brazil

SUSTAINABLE CYCLE:   LIVESTOCK | ECOTOURISM | ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH Arguably one of the most progressive ecolodges in the world, Caiman Ecological Refuge is part of a renowned private research, conservation and ecotourism initiative with the aim of conserving the fauna, flora...

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Reforestation: Planting Endemic Species

Forests are among the worlds most productive land-based ecosystems and are essential to life on earth. Every year, 7 million hectares of natural forests worldwide are converted to other land uses, such as large-scale commercial agricultural and other economic activities....

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The Sarara Foundation, Kenya

"Investing in Indigenous People. Protecting Biodiversity. Fighting climate change. " Sarara is one of our most loved camps in Kenya with many of our clients spending 3 - 4 nights here as part of their trip. Located in the Matthews...

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