Aria Amazon

With a 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio, custom designed speedboats, kayaks and even bicycles. The team behind the Aria Amazon will ensure guests receive the very best Amazonian experience each day. Back on board, floor to ceiling windows in every cabin allow and a large sundeck allow the world to slip by from the total comfort of a luxury vessel.

The Aria Amazon first set sail on Amazonian waters in 2011 and was completely refurbished in 2015. The 45 meter vessel was designed by the innovative Peruvian architect Jordi Puig who gave each of the private cabins floor-to-ceiling windows to allow panoramic views of the passing rainforest without having to get out of bed.

Each day brings a mesmerising exploration of wildlife thriving in the rainforest. 7-night, 4-night and 3-night river cruises take guests into the heart of this canopied world with guides who live and breathe all things Amazon.

Bespoke aluminium motorized launch boats, or skiffs, take up to eight passengers in each on two to three daily excursions deep into Amazonia’s snaking tributaries, in search of armoured catfish, red bellied piranhas, and the beady-eyed heads of spectacled caimans in the black waters. Just as captivating is the scene above water where yellow spotted Amazon River turtles meander along the muddy shoreline, sapphire blue beaked Amazon kingfishers streak past and antediluvian prehistoric hoatzin birds jostle with Titi monkeys playing in the tree canopy.


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