On the North-west coast of Madagascar, one hundred and fifty kilometres north of Majunga, lies the luxury retreat of the Anjajavy Hotel.

Anjajavy is situated on a peninsula overlooking a wide bay, and is backed by a natural reserve. There are twenty five air-conditioned villas, each with a large living room, breakfast nook and a bedroom, which opens onto a large terrace that overlooks the sea. The ensuite bathroom has a bath, a shower and a separate toilet. A small stairway leads to a small sitting room with two sleeper-couches for children. The main complex comprises a bar/restaurant with an exterior and an interior dining room, a swimming pool, five kilometres of beach and a 450-hectare nature reserve.

Wildlife viewing at Anjajavy is effortless. Lemurs include the Coquerel’s Sifaka, common brown lemurs and mouse lemurs. There are wonderful birds – flocks of bright green Grey-headed Lovebirds, Sickle-billed Vangas, Crested Couas and noisy black Vasa Parrots, to name just a few. Reptiles are common including ground boas and hog-nosed snakes and plenty of chameleons (though thankfully there are no really venomous snakes in Madagascar!). There are extensive cave systems, tsingy-like limestone outcrops, extensive mangrove forests as well as beaches and coral reefs. There is a marina for water sports, including water skiing, snorkelling, sailing in a catamaran, wind surfing and excellent fishing. There are also boat excursions to the surrounding grottoes, a trip up the estuary to see mangroves, a visit to the “tsingy”, guided excursions in four wheel drive vehicles through the nature reserve, mountain bikes and the ability to explore the reserve on foot to discover the flora and fauna of the area.


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