Awasi Patagonia

Awasi Patagonia gives its guests front row seats to one of the most stunning views in the country.

With views over the Torres del Paine Mountain Range, the grassy plains of the Patagonian Steppe and crystal waters of Lake Sarmiento, this is a spectacular location is almost unbeatable. Awasi ensures that each of its 14 cabins comes with its own private guide and 4WD vehicle so that every one of their guests can design a bespoke experience of Patagonia that fits perfectly for individual tastes.

At the end of a day’s exploring, return to your private cabin for a soak in the hot tub, a glass of red wine by the fire and a hearty meal in the Relais & Chateaux restaurant. The atmosphere at Awasi Patagonia is calm, peaceful and always, always welcoming. Whether you’re tucked up in the comfort of your private cabin or joining other guests at the bar of the main lodge, you can be certain that the dedicated staff and guides thrive on making sure that you enjoy every moment of the property they are so proud to be a part of.

Awasi is also doing its part for conservation in the region with the launch of its Puma Foundation. The lodge has expanded its private reserve from 1,400 to 11,000 acres, renting a sheep farming estancia and transforming it into a private reserve that protects the habitat of the puma population in and around Torres del Paine National Park. Leading  scientists and researchers are working directly with Awasi to gather information about behavioural patterns of these species and ensure they have the space they need in order to prosper and populate.



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