Denis Island

A tiny speck in the Indian Ocean ringed by flawless white sand, just 375 acres and none of it off-limits to see and explore...

A privately owned coral island, Denis Island is the perfect location for those seeking true escapism, total relaxation and tranquillity.

The 375 acres of Denis Island barely rise a few feet above sea level and are fringed by coconut palms, brilliant white sand and coral reefs. Particularly lush for a coral island, Denis Island Private, Seychelles epitomises the Seychelles experience.

The Denis Island resort has just 25 individual and very spacious cottages, some of which are close to the beach, are discreetly positioned so that the veranda is not overlooked by your neighbour.

All guests stay on an ‘All Inclusive’ basis on Denis Island, and it is renowned for its culinary delights with an excellent menu choice or Creole buffet. Considerable amounts of fresh produce are used from the island’s own farm and gardens. Occasional beach barbecues are also organised. Also available at Denis Island Seychelles is a swimming pool, an area of wooden decking for outdoor dining, an open bar/lounge, a wine cellar and a library/TV lounge. An extensive range of Spa treatments is also available and these are taken in the comfort of your own cottage.

Denis Private Island itself is located on the edge of the Seychelles Bank which plunges 2,000 meters into the Indian Ocean. A small professional PADI Dive Centre is affiliated to the resort and provides a range of dive excursions and courses for beginners and advanced divers alike. Enthusiasts flock to the waters of Denis for their abundance of game fishing and runs of bottom or bone fishing trips. For landlubbers there is a tennis court, billiards table and a selection of board games.

The island is committed to and restoring the island’s natural environment and an ongoing rehabilitation programme of endemic species. This has resulted in new and more frequent visits by birds – in 2008 there was the first confirmed sighting of a Purple Heron as well as the succesful introduction of several pairs of Magpie Robin.


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