Estancia Huechahue

Estancia Huechahue is a 15,000 acre working ranch set in the foothills of the Andes, amid archetypal northern Patagonian landscapes. The estancia remains one of our favourite destinations for guests who are looking for a genuine Argentine experience of Patagonia in the hands of a team who are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the region.

Estancia Huechahue is probably best known as a pioneer of riding experiences in Argentina. Riders of all levels can explore from the estancia’s fantastic horses lead by local Gauchos each day or, for the more hardy, a camping experience to get out into the wilds of Patagonia.

Those who don’t ride will have plenty to do as the Huechahue team have some excellent walking trails to follow as well as private 4×4 vehicles. The Lanin National Park is nearby with lofty mountains mirrored in crystal clear lakes and the famous Lanin Volcano. The region is also home to the southern beech forests (the largest temperate forests in the world) and a vast forest of Monkey Puzzle trees.

The lodge has also recently expanded its offering of trout fishing and is now considered to be a go-to location for many a keen fly fisher. The Chimehuin, Alumine, Malleo, Quilquihue and Collon Cura Rivers can all be easily accessed from the lodge using drift boats or waders.

Huechahue is a nature-lovers paradise, particularly for birdwatching with more than 200 species registered in the area. From here guests are within walking distance of the high Patagonian steppe, grasslands, wetlands and various forests. Each of these habitats offers a different range of bird species.

This simple but charming lodge offers a wonderful escape from modern life and a genuine ‘Argentine’ experience delivered by a team who care deeply about their country and its traditions.


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