Explora Rapa Nui

Surrounded by soft, grassy prairies and sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, Explora provides a warm and stylish base from which to explore the magic of Easter Island.

A five hour flight from mainland Chile, this enigmatic island is a world away from life as we know it and simply must be seen to believed. The dedicated Explora team have designed over thirty bespoke excursions that allow their guests to access the highlights of the island in the hands of their passionate guides. Experiences include a network of fantastic paths for walking or cycling; diving and snorkeling in some of the world’s clearest waters; cultural explorations of the iconic ‘moai’ that are peppered throughout the landscape and visiting hidden beaches and volcano craters. There is a five-night minimum stay but you need at least that amount of time to take it all in.

All drinks, meals, airport transfers and guiding in small groups is included when you are there so that guests can enjoy every moment. There are 30 rooms in total, each designed using influences of the local culture and with stunning views of the grasslands that sweep down to the ocean.  Explora have chosen not to add televisions or wi-fi into the bedrooms to allow guests to completely switch off from the demands of modern life though they have, reluctantly,included wi-fi the hotel’s common areas.

Travellers who are lucky enough to visit Easter Island are rarely disappointed and Explora embellishes the experience to make it a truly memorable journey.


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