Lango Camp

Lango Camp is a beautiful 6-roomed camp, located in the south central part of Odzala-Kokoua National Park, with access to the Lekoli River and the surrounding savannah.

Nestled in dense gallery forest, each room, the dining room, lounge and bar area are all on raised decks, to the level of the surrounding gallery forest, overlooking the Lango bai, and are constructed from natural materials such as locally woven raffia palm panels. Lango’s six guest rooms give incredible views out onto the open marshy bai in front of the Camp – one of the most arresting views of any Camp in Africa. Raised walkways wind through the gallery forest, connecting the rooms to the public areas, while a star deck and fire pit are placed on a dropped deck overlook the bai for after dinner relaxation and star-gazing. The bai holds a magnetic attraction for huge flocks of African green pigeons and African grey parrots, as well as for herds of forest buffalo by day and forest elephants by night.

Lango’s strategic location in the south central part of Odzala allows easy access to a variety of converging habitats. A real highlight of your stay at Lango is the chance to explore the Lekoli and Mambili Rivers by motorboat, traditional pirogue, or even kayak. Lango is also one of the few places in Africa where you can safely explore streams and marshes on foot – a true immersive experience!

Forest Buffalo and Harnessed Bushbuck are regular visitors to the bai and can be seen at any time of the day. Forest Elephant and Spotted Hyaena are also regular visitors but are more typically seen after dark. Nocturnal visitors to the bai include there are Bongo, Leopard and Red River Hog. Western Sitatunga and various forest duiker species can be encountered nearby and Guereza Colobus monkeys are frequently seen in Camp. Other primates, such as Grey-cheeked Mangabey and Putty-nosed Monkey are commonly seen nearby, while Chimpanzees are regularly heard from Camp. Hippo occur at low densities in the Lekoli River and Serval are occasionally seen in the savannah areas. Crocodiles are represented by two harmless species, the Slender-snouted Crocodile and the African Dwarf Crocodile.

Many activities at Lango and Mboko are a combination of driving and / or walking and boating. This is to give you access to the most productive and beautiful areas of the Concession, and the best possible wildlife viewing once there.
• Exploring the bai and associated swampy open areas, the Lekoli River and surrounding savannah and forest areas
• Spot wildlife from the Camp: Forest Buffalo and Harnessed Bushbuck are regular visitors to the bai
• Enjoy the antics of resident Guereza colobus monkeys
• Walk (and wade) the (Lango) bai and savannah
• Adventure trails along the edges of forested areas give insights into the arboreal world
• Spot dwarf crocodiles, forest ducks and kingfishers – and maybe even a hippo
• Look out for hyaena, aardvark, and serval on savannah game drives by day and night
• Enjoy a chorus of strangely melodious forest sounds after dark


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