Meghauli Serai

Standing on the banks of the river Rapti, Meghauli Serai overlooks a vast expanse of rippling waters and the core of Chitwan National Park.

This 30 room lodge is designed to showcase the spectacular wilderness and rooms as well as guest areas afford uninterrupted views of the jungle. The main lounge with an imposing chandelier made with 10,000 Nepalese hand painted beads. The lodge embraces local décor and aesthetics with an abundant use of local art and artefacts. The large Newari door leading to the lobby has been procured from a local Tharu village. A large infinity pool with a viewing deck and a ‘machan’ over the river for private dining and wildlife viewing add to the charm of this jungle lodge at Chitwan.

Apart from the magnificent Rhino, appreciate a host of other animals such as sloth bears, Asiatic wild elephants, stripe hyenas, hog deer and the Bengal fox. The river is home to crocodiles and ghariyals (crocodile-like amphibians with a snout, endemic to the Indian Subcontinent) not usually found in the same habitat. The park is a bird watcher’s delight with a count of around 600 including indigenous and migrant species such as the spectacular Great Hornbill, Ruddy Shelduck, Pied Kingfisher, Red-headed Trogon and the endangered Bengal florican to name a few. With active involvement of the local community the conservation efforts in Chitwan are a success story.

The quaint riverside setting offers a magical view from all of the rooms and villas. The Rapti Villas, each with a plunge pool offer a close to nature experience while the Meghauli Rooms with generous balconies provide a perch point for unhindered views of the forest landscape. The walls are adorned with floor to ceiling sketches depicting the daily life of Tharu villagers. The guest areas include the arrival lounge, library, dining room, bar, the Rapti bank deck and the swimming pool overlooking the river.

Chitwan provides a holistic wildlife experience which is not just limited to game drives. Guests have the option of exploring the jungle through walking safari, elephant safari and boat safari. Our Naturalists make it an enriching experience. Not only do they share their knowledge about the flora and fauna of the forest but also help guests appreciate their relationship with the local community. On a day with the Mahout, one can learn about the majestic Asian elephants while helping to bathe and feed them. Guests can also visit a Tharu village to fully experience the local life and feel immersed in the destination.