Sacha Lodge

This remote jungle lodge is hidden deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon. From here guests can explore the pristine rainforest in the hands of fantastic guides who know the jungle and waterways of the Napo River better than anyone.

It is worth the 25-minute flight from Quito and a two-hour journey speeding up the Napo River in a motorized canoe to reach this remote jungle lodge tucked away in 5,000 acres of a pristine ecological reserve in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The reserve is home to eight species of monkeys, 50 species of bats, anteaters, three-toed sloths, ocelots, and birds of every size and colour that you can imagine.

Each acre of these forests along the banks of the Napo River has more biodiversity than almost the whole of North America and the thrill of spotting tamarind monkeys, giant otters, toucans, boa constrictors, caimans or owls is around every corner of dark water creeks and narrow pathways dwarfed by rainforest.
Unique to Sacha is a man-made bridge 94 feet above the treetops and 940-feet long. It offers an astounding opportunity to spot dozens of animals seldom seen from the ground. Back at the lodge, a freshwater swimming pool is yours for a refreshing dip in Amazonian waters. Or relax on the veranda of your private bungalow listening to the sounds of the rainforest all around you.


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