Saruni Samburu

Saruni Samburu Camp is a fabulously innovative hilltop lodge in a huge private conservancy just north of Samburu National Park, in Kenya’s wild north. This is a first-class unrivalled safari experience in a untouched and wild part of Kenya.

Surrounded by 240,000 acres of private wildlife conservancy and perched on a spectacular viewpoint, its six villas, lounge, dining room and large swimming pool overlook several waterholes where the famous Samburu elephant, leopard, reticulated giraffe, Oryx and Grevy’s zebra gather to drink.

The vastness and purity of this African landscape combined with the untouched local culture make your safari a unique experience and offers guests the opportunity to enjoy all the wonders that Samburu has to offer, but without sharing them with others. High quality vehicle safari, walking safari and cultural interactions are offered, with each group of guests usually being catered for privately rather than being asked to share vehicles.

As well as game drives that combine Kalama Conservancy, Samburu National Reserve, Buffalo Springs National Reserve and West Gate Conservancy, the traditions and semi-nomadic heritage of the local Samburu people are an important part of the experience. Walking safaris are conducted by Saruni’s professional Samburu guides and night game drives (which are not allowed inside the National Reserve) offer unique viewings of leopard, striped hyena, and many other animals. The conservation area has no commercial roads (apart from safari tracks), no human settlements and no cattle grazing: it is pure, unadulterated Africa.

Led by professional guides from the Samburu community, guests enjoy a feeling of exclusivity and of having an incredibly large area to themselves but all combined with elegant comfort and personalised service. These guides have been hand-picked, and are knowledgeable, kind, and specialise in a number of different areas for those more discerning of wildlife enthusiasts.

The food is Italian influenced, and better than any Italian restaurant – served by the charming Samburu, who all come from a village not far from the lodge, within Kalama. Their charm, charisma and obvious passion for the lodge and surrounding area, cannot fail to make a lasting impression, and together with their fantastic host the lodge never fails to feel homely and welcoming.


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