Serengeti Safari Camp

Serengeti Safari Camp was designed to be in the best possible location to view the wildebeest migration as it covers hundreds of miles of the Serengeti National Park each year. The wildebeest move and this is what our Serengeti Safari Camp is all about - understanding the Serengeti seasons and game movements and mirroring them.

Each year, the camp casts off from Lamai Serengeti and begins its own odyssey. Covering hundreds of miles and moving every couple of months (not during your stay) along a route that the herds have travelled for hundreds of years, Serengeti Safari Camp is where you come for your migration fix.

The Serengeti Safari Camp was one of the first camps to imitate the seasonal migration of the wildebeest migration, moving 4/5 times a year to be in the best possible location to see the herds. They have maintained the original pioneering feel of the camp and you can be assured of a comfortable bed, a hot shower and a flush toilet (they operate on strict environmentally friendly principles and use eco-flush loos which use very little water – 90% less than a conventional toilet).

There’s a spacious bedroom and dressing area, with a sink and big jugs of cold water, and hot provided in the morning and evening or whenever you need it. The safari-style bucket shower is en-suite at the rear of the tent, as is the toilet.

The beds are comfy and made up with fresh linen and soft pillows. There are chairs on the veranda where you can relax and enjoy the unfettered view of Africa before you.

Their family safari tents are perfect for families travelling with children. Designed to the same footprint and make up of their beautiful safari tents, they have two full size safari tents, each with their own ensuite bathroom and connected via an adjoining lounge area.

The priority from Serengeti Safari Camp is usually to find the Great Migration. You’ll set off early morning in a shared vehicle with one of our exceptional Nomad guides in search of the herds, and the plethora of other wildlife that call the Serengeti home. Depending on what everyone in your group fancies doing for the day, you’ll either return for lunch in camp, before heading out again in the afternoon. Or, you may all decide to take a picnic lunch with you and spend the whole day exploring the Serengeti.


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