Sofitel Winter Palace

The Sofitel Winter Palace blends colonial design with the opulent traditions of Pharaonic times. In the 19th-century the palace was created as a winter retreat for the Egyptian royal family.

This has been a much-loved hotel for presidents, politicians, artists, writers (Agatha Christie) and celebrities who have stayed at one of the hotel’s sumptuous suites overlooking the Valley of the Kings.

The palace was the winter residence of King Farouk, and later a retreat for 19th century explorers and adventurers hoping to make the next significant discovery of their time. It was from the hotel’s imposing staircase that archaeologist, Howard Carter announced his discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

The 1886 French restaurant offers a fantastic menu for fine dining or choose the poolside, L’Oasis restaurant for utterly delicious pizzas and salads. Inside the Victorian Lounge is ideal for a traditional afternoon tea or sip expertly created cocktails at the Royal Bar.

Each of the 86 rooms and 6 suites each designed with a blend of Colonial glamour and local traditions. The hotel is also known for its lovely gardens and there is a large swimming pool for a cooling dip in the heat of the day.



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