Sundy Praia

Sundy Praia is a nature lover's paradise and a traveller's nirvana on the island of Principe.

Hidden away 130 miles off the coast of West Africa, Sundy Praia is a tented luxury hotel at the wild northwest tip of the island of Principe. Praia Sundy is a nature lover’s paradise and a traveller’s nirvana on the island of Principe. Here, birdsong fills the tropical rainforest, golden beaches are gently caressed by a warm sea and the island is brought to life through rich culture and history. Journey to Praia Sundy and be transported through time. Awaiting you is the chance to explore a vibrant diversity of unique discoveries within the Galapagos of Africa.

At Sundy Praia, you can lose all sense of time. Awaking to the chatter of forest parrots, you will readjust to nature’s clock, perhaps practicing yoga in the morning sun, relaxing on the beach in the afternoon, dining beneath a sea of stars, before drifting off at night to the lullaby of sea on sand. A place of gentle rhythms and sensuous fragrances, of whales and turtles, forest hikes and cooling swims, it is a place to awaken the senses and free the mind, warmed by the sand between your toes.

The Atlantic Archipelago of São Tomé and Príncipe includes two islands and several islets, among them Bom Bom island. Situated in the Gulf of Guinea, they form together with the neighbouring Island of Pagalú and Bioko, the group of the archipelagos of the Gulf the Guinea, on the African western coast. Hidden away 130 miles off the coast of West Africa, Praia Sundy is a tented luxury hotel at the wild northwest tip of the island of Príncipe. You can reach it by air from Portugal with TAP or STP Airways. A domestic flight from São Tomé international airport operates daily to Príncipe Island. In São Tomé main island, accommodation is provided at the boutique hotel Omali.

Príncipe is blessed with an abundance of natural produce, its forests filled with fruit and nuts, its waters brimming with tuna and Wahoo. Inspired by this natural larder, our international chefs refine the best of the island’s produce and traditions, creating seasonal menus bursting with original flavours and fresh, organic ingredients. Inspired by the natural riches on the doorstep – tuna and wahoo, passion fruit and pineapple, herbs and spices from our organic plantation farm – Chef Angelo adapts local traditions and tastes to create refined, delicate dishes, with wines carefully selected to complement his flavours.

Dine in the Dark is the ultimate in romantic fine-dining, with chef Angelo showcasing his best signature dishes in a sumptuous tasting menu, paired with wines that perfectly complement his refined use of flavors. After dinner, guests will be taken back by buggy to their tented-villa – or on to the Pool Bar if they prefer, for a nightcap or two in the moonlight.


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