A happy guest returns from Zambia

Phenomenal wildlife photos from our exclusive photographic tour to the South Luangwa National Park with Paul Joynson Hicks

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  • 26th July 2018

Renowned wildlife photographer Paul Joynson Hicks lead a small group of four guests to Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park recently, and they have sent some examples of their work through to us.

Upon arrival in Mfuwe on the edge of the South Luangwa National Park, the group were met and transferred to Luangwa River Camp, their base for four nights. From there they enjoyed three full days of guided safari in a private vehicle with Paul, whose tuition was expert. The group then moved to Tena Tena Camp, which is a luxurious tented camp and also managed by Robin Pope Safaris.

Patrick S reported on his experience and sent through the following fantastic photographs…

“When thinking about undertaking a safari into an unfamiliar location there are two important elements that ensure that everything is planned in advance, to make the journey there super-smooth and then the accommodation and other on-ground arrangements. The second element is to have a an excellent photographic guide. Someone who understands thoroughly what you will be seeing and can quickly explain or help how to get the best pictures from those experiences. Each step, whether it be in preparation and planning or in the daily journeys into the bush need to be relaxing, idyllic and carefree. Any little problems will be quietly and quickly resolved leaving the client to embrace the moment and take on board those magic, once in a lifetime memories. Seeing them, hearing the sounds of the bush, capturing them in camera. These are the ingredients of a super memorable experience. Travelling to locations that are off the beaten track means that for maximum relaxation and enjoyment all of the planning needs putting in place in advance. To do this is like putting together a complex one-off jigsaw.


This is where Exceptional Travel come in. They put together a fully personalised and detailed travel pack, outlining all of the itinerary and including such helpful steps as a ground crew where necessary, to assist through unusual connections. With all of this organisation so thoroughly completed the traveller can relax and enjoy.

Then there is the professional photographer leading the adventure. Paul Joynson-Hicks knows Africa so well. He seamlessly interfaces with the African staff that are involved, and organises all activities “on the ground”, so that you – the visitor, aren’t troubled or concerned.

Some safari locations deliberately don’t have Wi-Fi, so that guests concentrate on the wild-life and not on their devices and updating social media. An enforced break is good, and gives the memory the opportunity for bigger remembrances. A full conversation when you get home, rather than sound-bites!”

– Patrick S, 2018.


For all further information on the photographic tours and other specialist group tours we have planned and can organise by request, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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